sans meal bar: 2020–2021
[ fig. 1 ]
Action photos by Colin Wiseman
SANS is a meal replacement bar made without added sugars, fake sugars, chemicals, and ingredients you can't pronounce. SANS approached me to work within their existing brand language and inject a spark into their social media and email marketing programs.

Eat Real Food Campaign

Most meal bars claim to be healthy but few are. SANS was founded to address the prevalence of unnatural, harmful foods in our diets. In short, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. We created a social media campaign around the tagline, “eat real food” to educate people about SANS’ clean ingredients.

SANS Ambassadors

SANS is made by athletes, for athletes. To spread the word about the product, they have partnered with influential action sports athletes. We created a logo for team SANS as well as motion graphics templates to announce the new ambassadors